1.How was your flight?

The flight was short and nice . It took only 3 hours.

2.What is your hobby?

I like reading books, meeting my friends, listening to music.

3.When is your birthday?

In March.

4.What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is yellow.

5.Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I have one younger sister, she is 21.

6.What was your favourite school subject?

My favourite school subject was Maths.

7.What do you study at university?

I study  Economics.

8.Do you like sport?

Yes, I like winter sports . I can ski and skate.

9.Do you like Polish food?

Yes, I do. Polish pierogi are very tasty.

10. How do you feel in Poland?

I feel here like at home. The Polish people are very nice and hospitable.


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